caucasian chalk circle

Theatre Mir at the Viaduct, Chicago; Director Jonathan Berry, Set Design Chelsea M. Warren, Lighting Design Heather Gilbert, Costume Design Melanie Berner, Original Composition Chance Bone, Puppet Design Megan Hovany


Time Out Chicago:
“Berry’s imaginative staging uses the entirety of the Viaduct’s smaller space; Chelsea Warren’s scenic design seems to have exploded from the center of the room, leaving promontories and outcroppings everywhere.”

Chicago Theatre Blog: 
Brecht’s musical play restored is vital and thrilling
“This particular space at The Viaduct poses many challenges for any set designer or director. However, scenic designer Chelsea Warren creates a found material stylistic set. It is functional and avoids realism, playing well with Brecht’s intent.”
“Overall, Berry makes excellent use of his cast through employing them in various roles as musicians, dancers, actors and stagehands. His staging provides for fascinating movement, including one moment when Grusha must cross a treacherous bridge with the child to flee her pursuers. The ingenious and simple technical method of achieving this moment culminates in one of the most immediate and suspenseful moments of the evening. "

Centerstage Show Review:
"I beg of you…go see this absolutely fantastic retelling of a masterpiece of modern theater. Under the direction of Jonathan Berry, the ensemble sings, dances, mugs, and interacts with reckless abandon, transforming the dilapidated barn of the Viaduct into the steps of a palace, the cold agricultural villages of the Caucasus, a precipitous gorge, and a veritable weapon of storytelling. Brecht’s tale cracks like a whip in their hands, and each of the 12 actors takes their turn to wield it.”
"But all are to be praised. Had I another 600 words I would name them and talk of each particular moment where they brought a delighted grin to my face or silenced me with a moment of grim reality. All the words in the world, though, cannot replicate the experience of seeing this show. Go, please. Buy tickets for you and your friends. This production deserves to make money and be seen. "