Victory Gardens Theatre, Playwright Sarah Gubbins, Director Joanie Schultz, Scenic Designer Chelsea M. Warren, Costume Designer Janice Pytel, Lighting Designer Sarah Hughey, Sound Designer Thomas Dixon, Prop Master Aimee Plant, Production Photography by Michael Courier



Chicago Tribune’s Kerry Reid: “The play starts with Taylor’s younger brother, Frank (Mike Tepeli), letting himself in to Taylor and Izzie’s "Pottery Barn vantage point” (a perfect capsule description of Chelsea M. Warren’s bursting-with-verisimilitude set) with a key left under the doormat."

Buzzonstage’s Ella Seet: “Aside from the ensemble and Joanie Schultz’s astute direction, Chelsea M. Warren’s unraveling set and Thomas Dixon’s sound design are also noteworthy. Dixon brings us the excruciating audible threat of Izzie and Taylor’s scary downstairs neighbor, and Warren’s Andersonville condo slowly makes its way from pristine urbanity to hardhat zone as Frank’s offers to enact small home improvements result in ever-increasing destruction. Seeing this typical Northside space so thoroughly dismantled as the action of the play descends into mayhem only cements the sense of urban distrust and increasing unease the characters are experiencing.”

Chicago Theatre Beat’s Lauren Whalen: “The action is entirely set in Izzie and Taylor’s condo which, thanks to set designer Chelsea M. Warren, is almost scarily reminiscent of a gut rehabbed Andersonville abode (to the point where had I not been informed in the press release and program, I would have known it was a gut rehabbed Andersonville abode).”

Chicago Theatre Review’s Colin Douglas: “Chelsea M. Warren’s stylish, detailed scenic design of this Northside, upper-middle class condominium contrasts with the hidden secrets and shocking violence that evolves.”

Chicagoland Theatre Review’s Dan Zeff: “Chelsea Warren designed the detailed condo interior. As the play progresses, the interior is more and more ravaged by Frank’s handyman depredations, converting the set into an essential if inanimate character in the play. "

LA Splash Magazine’s Jessie Bond: "…scenic design by Chelsea M. Warren has a comic value all its own as Frank slowly destroys the condo.”