A Separate Peace

Steppenwolf for Young Adults, Upstairs Theatre; Director Jonathan Berry, Set Design Chelsea M. Warren, Costume Design Alison Siple, Lighting Design Heather Gilbert, Sound Design/Composition Rick Simms



OFFBEAT: Steppenwolf’s ‘A Separate Peace’ keeps audience interested and intrigued Off Beat with Philip Potempa
'‘My congrats to the Steppenwolf design team including, Chelsea Warren for an imaginative and workable set, with its ever-present looming campus tree limb as a focal point.’'

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The drama begins when the summer ends
REVIEW: A Separate Peace (Steppenwolf Theatre)
Posted on March 2, 2010 by Scotty Zacher
'‘Berry’s direction of the opening and closing sequences captures the free flowing imagery that constitutes the mind’s recollections, further emphasized by Chelsea Warren’s set. An amalgamation of the primary locations of the play, it features an epic tree branch hanging over the boys’ dorm room, the branch’s presence both a reminder of youth and a foreboding harbinger of doom.’'