Cry It Out

Studio Theatre, Washington D.C. Director Joanie Schultz Scenic Design Chelsea M. Warren Lighting Design Heather Gilbert Costume Design Kathleen Geldard Sound Design Sarah O’Halloran Production Photography Daniel Corey Scenic Photographer Chantal Calato

critical response below

DC Metro Theater Arts, Amy Kotkin: “The economic disparities that lie at the heart of Metzler’s play are brilliantly aided by Chelsea Warren’s background set design. Wide horizontal bands of photos – Manhattan, Manhasset Bay, and the typical duplexes that line the Port Washington shore – literally call to mind the layers of society that the playwright explores. Lighting designer Heather Gilbert intensifies the layering at times with vivid streaks of color.”

Washington Post , Nelson Pressley: “The subject is nearly universal and the format is easygoing as Metzler gets you laughing while Lina and Jessie bond in their abutting backyards. In Chelsea M. Warren’s set on Studio’s intimate Milton Theatre, Jessie’s grass is greener.”