Sex with Strangers

Cleveland Play House, Director Joanie Schultz, Scenic Design Chelsea M. Warren, Costume Design Whitney Locher, Lighting Design Michael Boll, Sound Design Thomas Dixon

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Bob Abelman, The News-Herald: "As the two become increasingly involved in one another’s lives and as the B&B in Act 1 gives way to Olivia’s Chicago apartment in Act 2 — both of which are authentic and beautifully appointed locations designed by Chelsea M. Warren and lit by Michael Boll — red flags surface regarding their true intentions and potentially hidden agendas. This hints at the possibility of sexual and emotional gamesmanship being played."

Andrea Simakis, "The rustic hideaway, designed by Chelsea M. Warren, is as good-looking and inviting as we've come to expect Cleveland Play House sets to be, complete with exposed beams and an impressive stack of logs by the front door. It's a cozy retreat we'd all fight to check into." "In a deft bit of symbolism, that demanding, distracting world creeps up on them, at first peeking through the shelves of Olivia's vast home library, then, in the final scene, as the completely dominant backdrop, the books having been replaced by a cityscape of crowded buildings."

Logan Foster, Applaud Squad Reviews: "Set in the Outcalt Theatre, the story begins when Olivia and Ethan meet for the first time at a bed and breakfast Michigan. After seeing CPH’s production of The Crucible last fall, it was fascinating to see how the production team converted the stage from being in the round to a thrust design. Because this theatre is incredibly intimate, it helped to amplify this steamy production. Scenic designer Chelsea Warren executed a beautiful set, creating what appeared to be a cozy log cabin made specifically for lovers in dire need of a romantic getaway. "

Mark Horning, Theatre Blog. "The set design is amazing as it is transformed into a well appointed B&B into an upscale downtown apartment.  Stay during the intermission to witness this amazing changeover."