American Theater Company, Playwright Dan LeFranc, Director Joanie Schultz, Scenic Design Chelsea M. Warren, Costume Design Jenny Mannis, Light & Projection Design Lee Keenan, Sound Design Thomas Dixon, Production Photography Michael Brosilow

Chris Jones in Chicago Tribune: “Here, the mighty orchestra of those ancient theaters is rendered (the design, by Chelsea Warren, is superb) as a flat expanse of driveway concrete, the infertile ground of an Orange County subdivision where once there was an ocean view, before they built a freeway. The giant door within the "skene" that dominates most classical drama is, in LeFranc's conception, a roll-up double-garage door, just as dominant as ancient palaces in the landscape of the 'burbs, and the psyches of the youth of the O.C. The chorus is made up of kids from the neighborhood, to whom nobody really listens.”