Ghosts of Treasure Island

Vittum Theatre, Adventure Stage Chicago; Director Amanda Delheimer, Set Design Chelsea Warren, Lighting Design Brandon Wardell, Costume Design Laura Kollar, Sound Design Mikhail Fiksel, Production Photos by Brandon Wardell



Centerstage Show Review, Reviewer: Colin Douglas, Saturday Apr 10, 2010,
'‘The real star of this production is Chelsea Warren’s magnificent scenic design, from the pirate band shipwrecked upstage within a decayed ship’s hull to the series of planks and fabric that acts as a pier, the beach, the floor of the Hawkins’ Seaside Inn and ultimately the good ship Hispaniola – complete with movable rigging, wheel, masts, and sails. All locales are enhanced by Mikhail Fiksel’s authentic sound design and Brandon Wardell’s atmospheric lighting.''