Little Women by Kate Hamill

Jungle Theater Director Sarah Rasmussen Scenic Design Chelsea M. Warren Costume Design Rebecca Bernstein Lighting Design Marcus Dilliard Sound Design Sean Healey Composer Robert Elhai Properties Manager John Novak Movement Jim Lichtscheidl Dramaturg Kristin Leahey Production Photography Rich Ryan

critical response below

City Pages, Jay Gabler: “This Little Women feels like the apotheosis of the art Rasmussen has wrought at the Jungle since 2016. That’s crucially meant new stories with new artists, for new audiences—but it’s also meant a reimagining of the Jungle’s physical space. Here, set designer Chelsea M. Warren creates a warm but spare living-room set with a fireplace that remains symbolically stationary even as a turntable rotates beneath it.”

Broadway World, Karen Bovard: “Chelsea Warren's set is simple, spare, and serviceable: a turntable renders time lapses and transitions theatrical, and a rear curtain made of quilt tops, easily shifted by the actors, provides varying looks.”

Play Off The Page, Mary Aalgaard: “Sarah Rasmussen directs this endearing story and gives it new life. The set, designed by Chelsea M. Warren, is simple and fluid. I loved the quilted pattern “curtains” in the back, the ease at which the set could become the attic where they staged the plays, to the ballroom where Meg first meets John Brooks. The stage revolves and actors move set pieces around as necessary.”