pride & Prejudice

WaterTower Theatre, New Adaptation by Kate Hamill, Director Joanie Schultz, Scenic Design Chelsea M. Warren, Costume Design Sylvia Fuhrken Marrs, Lighting Design Leann Burns, Sound Design Ryan Swift Joyner, Technical Director & Properties Design Bradley Gray



Jan Farrington, Theatre Jones: North Texas Performing Arts News. At WaterTower Theatre, it's game on for Kate Hamill's silly and serious adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. October 20, 2017. "The buzz begins pre-show as the audience takes in Chelsea Warren’s clever scenic design, a painted-on Persian carpet that spans the stage. Are those the markings of a basketball court peeking through the pattern? And team colors for each half of the space? The romantic adventures of the sisters Bennett (four, not five, in this version; alas, poor Kitty) play up and down this “court,” with bells and buzzers (sound designer Ryan Swift Joyner, call the NBA), referee’s whistles, and even the kind of disco-ball lighting (from designer Leann Burns) used for special effects in the sports world…and for freshman “mixers,” appropriately enough. The sports atmosphere is no accident. Hamill knows that the Game of Love is always “on” no matter how time goes by. The clothes, rules and expectations may change, but it still comes down to a search for “the One”—and the world never makes it easy."

Amanda England, BWW Review. "WaterTower Theatre Unveils Regional Premiere of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE", Oct. 18, 2017 : "The stage is designed with the audience on both sides in a sort of basketball court format. Furniture on casters allows for quick set transitions and minor mishaps with props and costumes keep the audience chuckling through each scene as the actors literally run across the stage to keep the show moving quickly. At first, the audience may find it hard to stay focused. There is so much action happening all around the stage, (with the actors not on court resting on the bench) that it takes a minute to warm up to the show. But once warm, viewers never have a chance to cool off again as the laughs keep coming."

Jerome Weeks, Art&Seek on KERA Public Media, North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc. How Did ‘Pride And Prejudice’ Become ‘Jane Austin Powers’? 25 Oct 2017.  "Schultz has everyone wearing athletic shoes (the costumes are by Sylvia Fuhrken). In fact, that previously mentioned layout for the theater? It’s typically called “stadium seating.” The audience is divided into two sections, each seated on opposite sides of the playing area, like high school fans at a basketball game. The set is also armed with basketball hoops and there are referee whistles going off and penalty buzzers and a timekeeper’s bell. Who knew the Regency liked nuthin’ but net?"